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Wm Seven and the Sacred Ride Across America

Author and Archaeoastronomer William Seven is the creator of this educational website. 

Though he grew up in light polluted Southern California, he would sneak up onto the roof at night and stare into the skies for hours. And whenever his family would head out to the deserts and mountains away from city lights, the dark skies became even more mesmerizing to this young stargazer.

Unlike today's Southern California skies that are air and light polluted, the skies of the deserts and mountains were ablaze with countless celestial objects during those formative years.

As William Seven said at a recent scientific conference...

"I have seen the environmental changes over the years and have come to realize world governments are unknowingly destroying a precious international treasure. Our planets people have gotten behind causes such as saving the whales and the rain forest, but saving our skies from air and light pollution is just as urgent and just as valid a cause".

This is exactly why William Seven moved to America's First International Dark Sky City - Flagstaff, Arizona. It is there that he works to establish a megalithic observaory of the 21st Century and an archaeoastronomy educational center to create a worldwide awareness of the need to save our sacred skies. One such effort was his Sacred Ride Across America described below.


William Seven, Wm Seven, WMSEVENWilliam Seven, Wm Seven, WMSEVEN

Gazing up at the Dark Skies of Northern Arizona and Herne - the symbol of his Celtic Clan.
Marching in the Flagstaff Fouth of July parade to promote light pollution awarness


In 2006, Wm Seven left Flagstaff Arizona and took to the highways for an  adventure across America. For months he traveled on his "Save Our Sacred Skies" motorcycle to some of the most scared sites in North America. 

His first stop was the Medicine Wheel in Bighorn Mountains Wyoming, then to the Black Hills of South Dakota and Sturgis - the biggest bike rally in the  country. Next site was the Cahokia complex in Illinois followed by  the many  sites of the Wisconsin region. While he was in the midwest, he once again attended the Hanwakan scientific conference on archaeoastronomy in Fond du Lac.

Then it was off to the Ohio moundbuilder complexes and the amazing Serpent Mound - the largest mound effigy in the world. Finally after many months on the road , the Sacred Ride Across America  took him back to the American southwest and the amazing Chaco Canyon region in New Mexico.

Returning home to the San Francisco Peaks - cosmic mountain for the First Americans of the four corners region - he had completed a full circle connecting many ancient sites where our ancestors created a sacred bond between heaven and earth. It was at these sacred sites that our ancestors created a center for their society and their spiritual beliefs.


After stopping for a meal along the highway, Wm Seven witnessed an old Hopi man looking at his iron horse and whispering something in the Hopi tongue. When Wm Seven asked how the old man was doing, he replied by pointing at the seven star constellation of the hunter gracing the front of the motorcycle. 

The Hopi man explained the names of the brightest stars, what the three belt stars represented to the Hopi people and preceded to name the 2006 Ultra Classic "Star Horse".  "I am honored you would name my ride", said Wm Seven. "From this day forward my machine will be called Star Horse".

 William Seven, Wm Seven, WMSEVENWilliam Seven, Wm Seven, WMSEVEN

Star Horse that made the Sacred Ride Across America

Note: On the ride across this great country William  Seven brought with him the Humanistic perspective. This perspective offers a very positive viewpoint of human nature and potential. Emphasizing the personal worth of each individual, this perspective suggests that we are each responsible for our own happiness and well-being as humans. We have the inherent capacity for self-actualization which is our unique desire to achieve our highest potential as human beings.

 William Seven, Wm Seven, WMSEVEN

  Wm Seven among the Hopi in the four corners area of Northern Arizona


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